Swapping Jabs: From Saxenda to Wegovy - All You Need to Know

January 05, 2024

Swapping Jabs: From Saxenda to Wegovy - All You Need to Know

We understand losing weight can be challenging, especially when there’s always a new kid in the town. Despite trying several new products, you have remained dissatisfied. It may have happened because you may not have landed on the right product. We mean to say you may not have tried Wegovy for weight loss. Or maybe you got some satisfactory results from Saxenda but still believe there could be a better version of the existing weight loss medication. 

Well, if you have tried hands-on Saxenda or not or want to switch from Saxenda to Wegovy, this article is what you must not miss. You can expect details like the benefits and importance of switching jabs. 

3 Potential Benefits of Switching From Saxenda to Wegovy

There are several benefits of switching from Saxenda jabs to Wegovy jabs. Out of which, we have addressed some primary and effective benefits of switching medications. 

Increased Weight Loss

Switching from Saxenda to Wegovy could make you lose weight faster due to the higher dosages and the longer-lasting effects of medications. Wegovy assures suppression of appetite and calorie intake throughout the week, unlike Saxenda. According to clinical studies, Wegovy has shown 15-20% weight loss than Saxenda, which has always been in a single digit frame.

Appetite Control and Less Food Intake

Wegovy affects hunger hormones, making you feel fuller, resulting in less food intake and control over appetite. Besides, Wegovy boosts insulin production in the body more than Saxenda, promoting satiety. Moreover, unlike other medications, Wegovy ensures your food stays for a longer period of time in your stomach, which ultimately leads to less urge to eat.

Health Benefits

Aside from weight loss, Wegovy also improves blood sugar control, reduces blood pressure, improves lipid profile, and reduces cancer risk. 

4 Factors to Consider Before Switching From Saxenda to Wegovy

Body Requirement

Before switching jabs from Wegovy to Saxenda to Wegovy, you must also consider that despite having the same class drug like GLP-1 receptor agonists, not everyone’s body reacts the same; there could be positive and negative effects. You should never assume that if it has worked positively on others, it will work on you.

Doctor Consultation

Consult a healthcare service provider before deciding on a weight loss medication switch. Your doctors will evaluate your records and tell you whether the new medication suits your body.

Monitor Ongoing Medication Response to Your Body

Regularly follow up with your healthcare provider to track the progress of your new medication, determine your challenges, and overcome them with effective solutions. 


Ready to explore the potential of Wegovy? Don't delay! Consult with our certified healthcare professional to discuss whether you can buy wegovy medication and might fit you. Together, you can create a personalized plan that unlocks your weight loss potential and helps you achieve your health goals. Take the first step, embrace the possibilities, and start paving the way to a healthier, happier you.