Is Wegovy Available in the UK?

January 09, 2024

Is Wegovy Available in the UK?

Wegovy has shown impressive results for weight loss under trials. The injection has been easy to use and portable, making the potential users feel: Is wegovy available in the UK? The answer is yes, but to know Wegovy’s availability and eligibility in the UK, go through the blog.

Wegovy Availability in the UK 

Wegovy has garnered attention in the UK since September 2023 with a promise to fight against obesity effectively. It’s available at the specialist National Institute of Health (NHS) weight management service but limited to particular regions across the United Kingdom. However, private prescriptions are one of the options available, and the cost of acquiring prescriptions becomes a big hurdle. 

Considering the people’s demand and awareness of staying fit and healthy, we have decided to become their helping hand. Get a free consultation from certified healthcare professionals and prescriptions from Farmeci. Pay only for Wegovy weight loss injections in the UK.

Eligibility and Access to Purchase Wegovy Weight Loss Injection

For NHS eligibility, individuals must meet the following criteria set by them:

  • Should have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of >30, or BMI between 27 to 30, along with comorbidities like type 2 diabetes or hypertension.

  • Should have previously tried and failed to lose weight by opting for traditional weight-cutting methods.

Patients will receive detailed support, including diet plans, exercise chart advice, and the NHS's continuous weight monitoring.


Wegovy has been much appreciated for its effective formulation, but it tends to take more work due to limited availability and strict eligibility criteria. Wegovy is easily available without much hassle on the Farmeci platform. You can expect the delivery within 24 hours and promise to cut down some pounds. 

Remember, before buying wegovy for weight loss, you must consult a healthcare professional for a proper checkup and diagnosis of obesity. They will assess your medical situation and potential risks associated with the medicines. Also, they will determine the effectiveness and side effects of the medicine.

We hope you got all the information from this article about the availability and eligibility of weight loss injections in the UK.