What is the Wegovy Dosage for Weight Loss?

January 23, 2024

What is the Wegovy Dosage for Weight Loss?

Wegovy, the once-weekly injectable medication, has emerged as a powerful tool in the battle against obesity. But navigating its dosage schedule can feel like deciphering a secret code. Fear not, weight-loss warriors! This blog is your roadmap to understanding the intricate world of Wegovy dosages, empowering you to unlock your personalised path to success.

What is the Dosage of Wegovy for Weight Loss?

Knowing Wegovy dosage is important when taking injections and cutting down excessive fat. Wegovy comes in 5 doses, from 0.25mg to 2.4mg. The five doses are divided into five months, each fixed with a different pen and dosage.

There have been notable results in patients gradually increasing the dosage. However, a few groups of individuals have also noticed side effects, which were temporary and mild. If you experience side effects that don’t go on their own once you increase the dose, move back to the previous dose for that month. 

There is no scientific evidence as to which dose will cut down how much weight, but the Wegovy weight loss injection remains effective at shedding down pounds. Let’s look at the Wegovy dosage chart for detailed information.

Wegovy Dosage Chart

We have prepared a dosage guide to give you an overview of how to increase your wegovy dosage gradually. Below is the answer to the question: what is the dosage of Wegovy? Go through the chart to get the answer and follow it for effective results.

Wegovy Dosage


0.25mg (Green Colour Pen)

Once a week for four weeks

0.5mg each week (Pink Colour Pen)

Once a week for four weeks

1mg each week (Hazel or Brown Colour Pen)

Once a week for four weeks

1.7mg each week (Blue Pen)

Once a week for four weeks

2.4mg each week (Black Pen)

Once a week for four weeks


As suggested, you will use a single pen with four needles for four weeks. Post a month of Wegovy injection, record your weight and compare before and after effects. Keep increasing the doses and changing Wegovy pens each month until you reach 2.4mg dosage per week.

What is the Starting Dose for Wegovy?

The initial dose of Wegovy weight loss injection is 0.25mg. Once you start taking injection jabs, you will notice weight reduction. Keep track of each week to know the effects of injection and weight. Each week, you will eat less and burn more fat, leading to weight reduction.

How to Increase Wegovy Dose?

Wegovy injections come in a pack of five pens each month, with doses gradually increasing as the month progresses. Start with 0.25mg (green pen) in the first month, then move to 0.5mg (pink pen) in the second month. The third month is assigned 1mg (brown pen), followed by 1.7mg (blue pen). Lastly, you end up with the highest dose, 2.4mg (black pen), which greatly reduces your body weight. This is an ideal plan, and most subjects who have stuck to this plan have observed weight loss with mild and temporary side effects.

What is the Maximum Wegovy Dose?

The maximum Wegovy dose is 2.4mg. It is also a maintenance dose since it will continue even after the fifth month. The higher dose will have a positive effect in effectively cutting down your fat and making you feel fuller throughout the day, so you eat less. 


We hope you are clear with the Wegovy dosage and guidelines. Follow it strictly to cut down excessive fat from your body. Manage your weight and maintain your body with a disciplined 5-month plan. Along with Wegovy, a new weight loss injection launch in the UK called Mounjaro has become the talk of the town. Know every single detail about it when you buy mounjaro online in uk.