Sodium Cromoglycate Eye Drops

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Sodium Cromoglycate Eye Drops


Open Your Eyes to Instant Relief - Buy Opticrom Eye Drops Eye Drops

Are you struggling with irritation and discomfort in your eyes? You are just Sodium Cromoglycate eye drops away from rapid relief. It is a trusted and proven solution for conjunctivitis and hay fever. The special formulation promises instant relief from itchiness, redness, and swelling caused by different eye allergies. A few drops assure long-lasting protection and clear vision. So, what are you waiting for? Buy Opticrom Eye Drops now and get rapid allergy relief. Plus, you don’t need to pay prescription or consultation charges, which other online pharmacies charge.

Medication Features: 

  • Proven Treatment: For Instant Eye Relief
  • Onset of Action: Within 2 hours
  • Active Ingredient: Sodium Cromoglycate
  • Age Recommendations: For all Ages
  • Dosage Guidance: Four Times Daily

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More Information Before You Buy Sodium Cromoglycate Eye Drops

  • Generic Name: Sodium Cromoglycate


Sodium Cromoglycate eye drops are prescribed to treat allergic conjunctivitis caused by pollen, pet dander, or dust. It makes eyes red, watery, itching, and painful.


Mechanism of Action 

Consuming Sodium Cromoglycate ensures stabilizing mast cells involved in the immune response to the fight against allergies. When exposed to allergens, these cells release histamine, causing allergic conjunctivitis. Sodium Cromoglycate prevents the release of histamines and reduces inflammation, relieving itching, redness, and irritation. Buy Opticrom Eye drops now to get rid of inflammation.


Dosage and Administration 

If you suffer from conjunctivitis, put one or two drops of Sodium Cromoglycate in the affected eyes four times daily. There may be changes in dosages depending on the severity of the infection. Buy Sodium Cromoglycate eye drops for instant relief from hay fever treatment and allergic conjunctivitis.



Sodium Cromoglycate is 100% effective against allergic conjunctivitis. The active ingredient prevents histamine release, causing allergies, hay fever, redness, itching, puffiness, and watery eyes. 


Side Effects 

This eye drop has temporary side effects, including burning or stinging sensations upon application. Some serious but rare side effects include itching or redness of the eyes. The side effects are mild and may go on its own.



Adults allergic to Sodium Cromoglycate may avoid using this medication for treating allergic conjunctivitis. Consult your doctor first and then start the medication.



  • Wash your hands before applying eye drop
  • Tilt your head back and pull down the lower eyelid to create a pocket-like structure
  • Take eye drops in a dropper as prescribed by your doctor and place it above the pocket-like structure
  • Place prescribed eye drops into the pocket-like structure
  • Blink your eyes twice or thrice to ensure an even distribution of eye drops
  • Do not touch the dropper to avoid contamination
  • Wash the dropper thoroughly after every use
  • If you are using other eye medication, then wait at least 10 minutes before applying Sodium Cromoglycate

Frequently Asked Questions for Sodium Cromoglycate Eye Drops

How does sodium cromoglycate work to relieve my symptoms?

Sodium Cromoglycate stabilizes mast cells, preventing the release of histamines, an essential element for allergic conjunctivitis, puffiness, watery eyes, itching, and redness.

How long does it take for the medication to start working?

It ideally takes several weeks, days, or weeks for full effects. It means you have to complete the entire prescribed course for complete relief from any of the allergic symptoms.

Can I use sodium cromoglycate with other medications, including over-the-counter eye drops?

Yes, you can use Sodium Cromoglycate with other over-the-counter eye medications.